“Our Era”

25 Million Jobs. No New Debt.

America is facing unprecedented economic and social hardship. With millions of unemployed Americans, many on the verge of eviction during a health crisis, now is the time for national innovation and ingenuity.

We plan to create 25 million new, green, union, infrastructure jobs. These positions would focus on sustainably rebuilding infrastructure such as roads, bridges, universal broadband internet, public schools, and hospitals. Our plan is budget neutral and would not increase the national debt or create new taxes.

All of this would be paid for through the creation of a National Infrastructure Bank. Modeled after the first National Bank designed and implemented by George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, this system would be capitalized with existing treasury debt. By doing this, we are able to ensure the solvency of the program. Just like any commercial bank, we will lend States money for construction projects at the most affordable 2% interest rate. Loan Monitoring programs would be put in place so projects stay on track, and all groups benefit fairly.

We could empower states to invest in their specific infrastructure needs and give them the cash flow to address the current unemployment crisis. Similar plans have been introduced in the Ohio State Legislature (H.R. 348) and Federally with the National Infrastructure Bank Act of 2020 (H.R. 6422).


  • Job Creation
  • Infrastructure Investment
  • No New Taxes
  • Improved Schools & Hospitals
  • Broadband Internet
  • Renewable Energy
  • Modern Transportation System