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Nick Rubando

for Change

Nick believes Government should work for everyone. We need leaders who will listen to the people, and advocate for progress.

Functional Government Starts with Trust

Meet Nick

Nick grew up in Holland, Ohio—a small working class town outside of Toledo. He’s the oldest of
three kids. His mother is an artist and a hairdresser. His father is a small business owner.

Growing up, his parents were adamant about creativity, community, and connection. They encouraged Nick to participate in the community and find ways to give back. As a result, Nick spent much of his youth volunteering and finding ways to be of service.

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What I Stand For

Economic Development

By revitalizing our neighborhoods, establishing new zoning laws, and investing in infrastructure, we have the ability to attract and retain new residents and business. These investments will allow us to expand our community tax base and ensure it is more cost effective for our existing residents to receive improved government services.


Our community must continue our commitment to renewable energy, and improve alternative transportation options for our residents. Investing in our environment is not only necessary, it provides a fantastic opportunity for our local economy. We must build bike lanes, establish new green spaces, expand our recycling program, and commit to net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

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This campaign is entirely funded by individual donors like you. I do not accept money from corporate PACs because I believe “government” should be held accountable by the “people”, not corporate donors or lobbyists.

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