About Nick

I am running because we deserve better.

Coming Up

Nick grew up in Holland, Ohio, a small working class town outside of Toledo. His father, a businessman, coach, and entrepreneur taught Nick the importance of hard-work and appreciating one’s community. His mother, an artist, hairdresser, and homemaker instilled in him a respect for taking care of those who need it most.

In high school, Nick had the opportunity to travel abroad, engaging in service work with a humanitarian organization. This experience opened his eyes to underserved communities world-wide. When he returned home, Nick realized that many of these same injustices were present in the very neighborhoods in which he grew up. Nick wanted to tell the stories of these unheard individuals, to be a voice for the voiceless.

Nick went on to study at Indiana University where he received a degree in Journalism. While at school, during the ‘08 Obama campaign, Nick worked to register student voters, helping to flip that state for the first
time in nearly 50 years.


After studying, Nick realized that many of the problems plaguing our communities, stemmed from the fact that people were unable to live healthy productive lives. Whether it was the ability to receive affordable healthcare, access to clean drinking water, or being overworked and under-paid, Nick could see that the American people needed help. He was one of the early employees at a tech start-up whose mission was to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone.

Nick did not stop there, he continued to organize, working with friends and leaders in the community to participate in and raise money for environmental cleanups, children’s art programs, and low-income families in need. He drew on his organizing experience once again when he worked as a volunteer for a congressional candidate in California, flipping a long Republican held US House seat.

While still working at the start-up, Nick began researching the American food industry. He was stunned to learn about the widespread practice of CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations). These factory farms are not only terrible for the environment, but also, drive out family-owned farmers who have been working their land for generations. Upon further study, Nick found that some of the largest and most egregious CAFOs were located in the exact district in which Nick grew up. They were tainting and polluting Lake Erie, the very body of water in which Nick once enjoyed. He knew it was time to return to his hometown. 

Believing in Change

OH-05 is located in the heartland of America. A district made up of farmers, labor workers, teachers, and nurses. Our current representative is a bureaucratic millionaire, bought by the very companies he is tasked to control. He does not speak for the people of our district, nor does he listen to them.

Nick believes that we deserve better. In OH-05, we work hard, and we need to know we have someone working hard for us. Someone who understands what it is like to struggle to find affordable healthcare, to battle back against student debt. An individual who knows how to punch a time clock, and who will advocate for everyday working people.

Nick knows that this fight will not be easy. We are up against a gerrymandered district, an entrenched incumbent, and dark money forces that are ready to spend endless amounts of dollars to ensure that corporate America stays in charge. This might seem daunting, but Nick has been there before. He has organized, he has lead, he has overcome.

We are building a grassroots movement powered by generational change. We know the people of OH-05 desperately want to be heard, and that is why Nick is ready to listen. He will go to every county, every city, and every town. Our campaign will be powered by people, not corporations. Nick believes in OH-05, and the future belongs to those who believe.